Book/newspaper design and print ads
Art by Greg Russell
Book Design
Design of cover and interior including selecting fonts, color and art. I create illustrations, charts and maps. I save the book in a format acceptable to print service and coordinate the upload and printing of the job. I also convert the book to a PDF for download and to eBook format. I even take photos for your bio page!
Clients include design and production of six books for sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer, three books for investment banker Rob Slee, one book plus several covers for Honorée Corder, three books and a cover for Daniel Coston, as well as books by Marc OstrofskyLon Laflamme and David J. Morris, Dennis Berlien and Jerry Davich, Paul Huff, Culturlink Inc., The Rotary Club of Austin, Steve Bruneman, Mark Smith and Rock Hill High School Class of 1966. Illustrated books by Laura Frohboese and Rob Slee. Self-published collection of “Curser and the Mouse” comic strips.
Magazine and Newspaper Design
Design of magazines and newspapers from front to back, from concept to overseeing the printing of the end product. I write, edit, proofread, take photos, draw illustrations, create maps and charts. I design ads, sell ads and even distribute copies to outlets ... true turnkey service!
Print and Online
Ad Design
I design ads to get your message across loud and clear. I make them bold and readable and direct the reader's eye across the page to the most important information. I also write copy, take photos and create illustrations.