Nearly everything we see and touch is designed by an artist. How something is designed affects how we react to it. We want what we create to be noticed by our prospective customers.

My designs will get you noticed. They tell your story at a glance. They will help you make more money. Whether it’s logo design, print design, web design or illustration, I will get your message out in the most visually arresting manner that will make the viewer want to learn more about you and your product.
Including print ads, flyers, mailers, brochures, signs, billboards, book design, magazine design, product package design, stickers, labels, maps, charts and slideshows.
Including brush and ink, ink pen, pencil, marker, colored pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Bold, eye-catching logos that are reproducable and get the message across in an instant
Functional, easy to navigate and informative websites with blogs, video, photo galleries, forms, stores and social media feeds and links.


Sales consultant, author,
motivational speaker

"Greg Russell is a GREAT designer. I have total faith in his ability, and his response time is faster than you could hope for. We have designed several books together including ​​​The Little Red Book of Selling, and with sales of more than 800,000 the book, the content, and the design speak for themselves. Hire Greg Russell!"


​"Greg is a truly gifted artist. Everyone says that his caricature of me captures my true essence."
Partner Taylor Richards
& Conger and TRC W

"Greg has been the creative energy behind our retail stores' ad campaigns for well over fifteen years. Try as I might, I've yet to stump him with an idea that he couldn't bring to reality. He's quick, fun to work with and highly skilled at what he does."

President, Robertson & Foley

"I liked the cartoons that Greg drew for my first Midas book so much that I had him produce my second [​​and third] book from cover to cover."
Authors of "Connections:
Everyone Happens for a Reason"​

"Greg transformed our wayward visions and endless revisions into an attractive, professional, sharply packaged book. And he did it while keeping us connected to our original dream."

St. Christopher's School

"[​Your caricatures] are truly fantastic. I cannot thank you enough, Greg. I love giving [my students] such a personal, unique gift. Awesome, amazing, fantastic -- THANK YOU!"